7 Fun Ways to Break a Sweat without Going to the Gym

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Although some fitness establishments have reopened already, it’s totally reasonable if you’re hesitant to head back to the gym. However, that’s not an excuse to abandon working out altogether. Regular exercise is essential not only to stay fit but for your overall health. Nowadays, health is really wealth, so you should really make time for it. 

If running on a treadmill or stationary bike isn’t really your vibe, the good news is that there are a lot of dynamic options for you to shake things up and have some fun. Whether you prefer to stay indoors or explore the outdoors (while social distancing, of course), you can get creative, and get a good workout in. 

Clueless on what to do? Here are seven fun ways to break a sweat without going to the gym:

1.Go outside and skate

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Do you have a skateboard gathering dust in your closet? Now’s the perfect time to get back on your board, and go skating. It’s also a fun mode of transportation in case you have errands to run near your place. 

2.Explore with your bike

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Explore your village or city with your bike. It’s a great way to lose some weight, and see new sights at the same time. If you’re planning to go out and about in the metro, make sure to stick to bike lanes (in places applicable) and keep safe from other vehicles. 

3.Download a free workout app

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In case you’re the type who wants to switch things up regularly, download a free workout app like Nike Training Club so you can have a personal trainer right on your smartphone. From yoga to endurance training, workout apps offer a lot of options for you to get your sweat on. 

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4.Skip it out with a jump rope

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Relive your childhood by skipping with a jump rope. It’s a thrilling way to get in some cardio, and improve your heart strength. Aside from your rope, all you need is some music to get you into the zone, and you’re all set. 

5.Book a virtual workout class

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If you miss the energy of a group workout class, try booking a virtual workout class at your favorite gym or fitness establishment. Not only will you get to virtually interact with other people, but you’ll have a trainer to keep you motivated all white social distancing. 

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6.Play games with the family

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If you live with your family, you can work out and bond at the same time by playing games together. Have a water balloon fight or play tag. Bring out the twister mat, and show off your flexibility. Use whatever resources you have at your disposal and get creative. 

7.Have your own dance party

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Let out some steam, and dance like noone’s watching, because guess what? No one probably is anyway! It doesn’t matter if you’re into a Dua Lipa or a proud member of the BTS army, just put on your favorite jam, and get your groove on. 

Whatever your preference is, there are a lot of fun ways to get in a workout. You just have to get creative, and enjoy the process. While we may be uncertain as to when things will go back to “normal,” we should still make the most of what we have, and live life to the fullest.


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