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Makeup Maven Bailey Sarian Creeps People Out With Murder Mysteries

Her unconventional ways have earned her millions of followers!

Bailey Sarian is a makeup artist and storyteller. But she doesn’t tell just any stories. She specializes in tales of murder and mystery. On paper, makeup and true crime don’t mix well. In other words, what she does shouldn’t work.

She has her fair share of critics. People say her informal ways could trivialize the cases she talks about. They also say the grisly stories she features could take away from her work as a makeup artist. But despite the naysayers, Bailey has built quite a fan base across several platforms.

How Bailey Sarian got started

Makeup and mystery stories are two of Bailey Sarian’s passions. Before she became an internet sensation, Bailey worked at Sephora and Urban Decay. She was also an assistant to known makeup artist Jill Powell.

Aside from being a makeup artist, Bailey is also a content creator. She started out as a beauty vlogger in 2013. Bailey filmed makeup tutorials so her fans could copy her looks. She did that till 2018. In 2019, she decided to do something different. So it was that Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays was born.

The ongoing series sees Bailey doing her makeup while talking about true crime. At first, people thought it was disrespectful of her to do so. But her subscribers thought otherwise. They thought it was a creative approach. Despite the initial controversy, Bailey’s channel exploded in popularity.

About the series

Bailey talks about famous serial killers, niche murder mysteries, and unsolved crimes. In her first episode, she talked about the Watts family murders. Some felt unsettled, but others said the episode was satisfying in an odd way.

Since then, Bailey has talked about serial killers like Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. She also tackled a few murder mysteries that weren’t so popular but needed talking about. Unsolved crimes also made the series’ lineup. She even dug up previously-unknown details about these cold cases.

In 2021, Bailey launched Dark History. It’s a podcast where she talks about historical stories that are dark and dirty. She featured the DuPont chemical scandal and the Salem Witch Trials. Bailey takes pride in teaching her viewers things they won’t learn in school. But she makes it a point to back up whatever she says with research.

What Bailey Sarian is doing now

Bailey lives in LA, where she works on her YouTube videos. She also collaborates with makeup brands and runs an online merch store. She named it “Suspish,” a term she uses in her videos when she comes across a suspicious fact.

She sells clothes, handbags, and makeup bags. She also added sticker sets to her merch. But she hasn’t strayed too far from her makeup roots. In 2020, she released the Venice Fling Bailey Sarian X ESTATE Eyeshadow Palette. It was a collaboration with ESTATE Cosmetics and IPSY.

Bailey has since collaborated with big brands like Casetify and LOUD. She continues to release videos for Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays. She also does her Dark History podcast episodes on a regular basis.

Bailey is a person who does things in an unconventional, yet highly educational and fun way.


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