DIY Waxing Kits to Remove Unwanted Hair at Home

Hair removal methods range from quick and temporary solutions like shaving to pricier yet permanent options like laser hair removal. Waxing falls somewhere in between as a long-term, affordable choice for removing unwanted hair. If the pandemic halted your regular wax appointments, try these DIY waxing kits from the comfort of your home.

Veet Cold Wax Strips

One of the most popular hair removal products on the market is Veet, which promises salon-quality results at home. The regular-sized strips are very adhesive, which isn’t advisable for use on sensitive body parts, like the underarms or bikini area. If you intend to tackle these areas, opt for the face wax strips instead, as it’s smaller and more manageable.

DIY Waxing Kits to Remove Unwanted Hair at Home
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Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring

Strip It’s cold wax uses natural ingredients like sugar and calamansi so that you can enjoy hairless skin for weeks. It also promotes skin lightening and doubles as an exfoliant as it strips off dead skin. Things can get a little messy at first but will get easier once you get the technique down pat. Get it in an 80g trial kit or 300g value-sized tub that both come with a spatula, cloth sheets, and instruction sheet.

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Epilin Hair Remover

Hard wax requires heating, but the extra effort is worth it. When heated, it should have a honey-like consistency. Unlike cold waxing, you won’t need sheets or strips for this, and it’s less likely to leave residue on the skin. Pro tip: Apply talcum powder on the area before layering the hot wax and wait until it’s hard enough for a less painful pull.

Albeit being labeled DIY wax kits, having someone to assist you streamlines the process and possibly helps ease the pain. Try all three methods to see what works for you — maybe you’ll save money in the long run. And in case you needed a reminder, body hair is normal and is nothing to be ashamed of.

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