Dye your hair a crazy color with these local dye brands!

If you’ve been dying for a change, changing up your look might just do the trick. What better way to do this than to dye your hair with unnatural hair color? Any deviation from the color black is already a change for us Filipinos, but why not take it a step further and choose a color that’ll make you stand out?

If you’re feeling confident to change up your hair color, you can do so in the safety of your home! Just follow the product’s directions and you’ll achieve the color you’re aiming for. Do take note though that aiming for an unnatural hair color requires you to bleach your hair. But don’t worry because these local hair dye brands have got your back!



Huenicorn has numerous colors for you to choose from. They sell dyeing sets to make sure your hair stays healthy throughout the process. They have distributors throughout the country and a growing community online. They even have a YouTube channel you can visit if you need help applying their dye!

Colourette Cosmetics


Colourette Cosmetics only recently added their Sky Dye line to their shop but it’s already being received so well! The line has eight fun colors for you to choose from and they’re all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Get your Sky Dye from their Shopee or Lazada shop.

Herani Hair Color


Herani’s hair dye comes in cute little pouches and are called hair potions. Their colorful selections will make it hard for you to choose a color. Herani Hair Color is available on Shopee

And the best thing about the above brands? They all have their own bleaching kits so you’ll get to achieve your desired color even if you have black hair to begin with.

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