How to Deal with Body-Shaming Comments

The fact that there are still body shamers in this day and age is disheartening. Unsolicited comments like these are callous and hurtful but we seldom realize the impact it has on a person’s self-esteem. Body shaming is not exclusive to celebrities and influencers online and can be experienced by anyone. Here’s how you can deal with it.

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List down things you love about yourself

What do you usually get complimented for? Aside from your physical features, include in your list some of your best qualities like how creative you are, how thoughtful you are, or how funny you are. Write down your accomplishments and your talents, as well. Remind yourself that your worth is not based on your appearance alone.  

Curate your social media feed

Sometimes, social media can do more harm than good to your mental health. You are allowed to block, mute, unfollow, or unfriend anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Instagram allows you to filter comments and Pinterest banned weight-loss-related ads to keep their platform a safe space for users. Take a break from social media if you need to.

Do something that makes you feel good

Read a book, go for a walk, or watch your favorite series. Treat yourself to a self-care day and get pampered. Basically, do anything to take your mind of the negative comment and focus on what makes you happy. Indeed, you can’t please everybody, so you might as well go ahead and continue living your best life.

People who participate in body shaming are probably insecure about themselves and feel the need to project onto others. Be confident in who you are, what you are capable of, and never mind the naysayers. As Gabbi Garcia has said, “character development naman tayo diyan.”

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