In Need of a Closet Clean-Out? Ditch These Modern Day Beauty “Staples”

Listen, someone’s gotta tell you. Not all the things you have in your beauty cabinet are things you need. In fact, they’re completely unnecessary and just add an extra step to your daily routine.

But of course, the beauty companies won’t tell you that. Here are a couple beauty products that you should consider getting rid of. And by get rid of, we mean responsibly disposing of or giving to a friend or family member – sustainability people!

Eye cream

In Need of a Closet Clean-Out? Ditch These Modern Day Beauty “Staples”
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It’s a bit of a shocker, but eye creams actually don’t do that much for you. While you may notice that immediately after usage, your eyes seem less dark and more bright, these results aren’t exactly long-lasting. It’s better to skip this product altogether and continue on with a gentle moisturizer suited for your whole face. Or you could try the cold cucumber trick for less puffiness in the morning.

Lip scrubs

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There’s honestly nothing in lip scrubs that you can’t make at home. With just some salt and sugar, you can make your own natural lip scrub right in your bathroom. Though, some experts do say that using lip scrubs too often can lead to more dry and damaged lips. Proceed with caution.


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Did you know that toner isn’t for everyone? It’s actually more suitable for those with enlarged pores and excessive oil production. If you don’t fit in that category, then using toner often can lead to dehydrated and irritated skin. Our advice? Just use your regular cleanser to keep your skin clean and fresh.

Stretch mark creams


Contrary to popular belief, stretch mark creams don’t really get rid of stretch marks; they merely moisturize the skin. The only way to permanently rid of those marks is to undergo laser treatments, which penetrate a deeper level of the skin and work to lighten pigmentation. Otherwise, it’s better to save the money and stick to moisturizers like shea and coconut butter.

Day cream

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This product is completely unnecessary if you already have a good sunscreen going for you. Sunscreen already acts as both a protectant and moisturizer, which means your day cream is pretty much a useless (and pricey) buy.


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