Must-Try DIY Beauty Treatments Using Everyday Home Items

The best beauty tips and tricks don’t always have to be a splurge! Give your kitchen scraps a second life with these DIY beauty hacks. Make do with what you have and your skin will thank you later. Read more and get thrifty!

Coffee grounds body scrub

Coffee grounds via Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds just yet! Repurposing it makes for a great body exfoliant – add a few drops of baby oil or any oil of choice for a gentler glide. 

Oatmeal mask

Oatmeal via Unsplash 1
Photo by Unsplash

Lathering on oatmeal is a known trick for those suffering with extremely dry and sensitive skin. Just add your desired amount of cooked oatmeal and water to form a paste then apply liberally to the affected area.

Coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil via unsplash 1
Photo by Unsplash

Is your hair feeling a little more brittle and dry than usual? Treat your damaged locks with a warm half cup of coconut oil and leave it on for 30 minutes. This should solve dryness and frizz plus add a healthy shine! 

Hot water face steam

Steaming your face with hot water has tons of benefits! It loosens up any build-up of dirt and dead skin cells making it easier to dispel, as well as increasing blood circulation. 

Teabag de-puffer

Teabag via Unsplash 1
Photo by Unsplash

Complete your tea time with an extra step of relaxation. Lightly squeeze out the excess liquid from your used tea bag and press them against your under eyes for reduced puffiness. 

Whip up a treat with your kitchen scraps and plan your well-deserved me time!

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