FreebieMNL - Perfect Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Perfect Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Looking to change up your style? Do so with a bit of color! From sun-kissed balayages to full-on dye, you deserve to look your best.

But before you go for that summer transformation, you should first check what hair colors match your skin tone best. While it wouldn’t be a complete disaster to just get any color you want, many salon experts would agree that skin tone makes a big difference in how the overall look turns out.

How to tell your skin tone

The best trick in the book is to check the veins in your wrist. If you see bluish purple veins, you’ve got cool undertones. If you see green veins, you’ve got warm undertones. If you see both, then you’re most probably neutral.

When you’re ready to pick a hair color, follow this rule of thumb: cool goes well with cool, while warm goes well with warm. If you’re neutral, then you’re lucky! You can pretty much try anything.

For fair skin tones

Lighter complexions go best with lighter colors. You’ll see that these fair-skinned beauties can pull off platinum or baby blond hair easily. For those with cool undertones, try out ashy, sandy, or champagne colors to complement the skin.

Perfect Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone
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Those with warm undertones can venture into colors like strawberry blonde, honey, gold, and caramel. If you dabble into cool colors like platinum or ash, it can wash out your face.

For medium skin tones

If you’ve got cool undertones, deep browns like dark chocolate, chestnut, and mocha will fit your skin tone best.  It can make your skin and overall face look softer and more refined.

FreebieMNL - Perfect Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone
Photo from Self

Medium skin tones with warm undertones can go into the lighter browns like caramel, honey, amber, and mahogany. These colors make your skin tone pop. Up the ante by trying a soft ombré or balayage; dark roots and lighter ends can help make your face glow.

For dark skin tones

Dark skin tones with cool undertones should definitely stay in the deeper, cooler colors to accentuate the depth of the skin tone. Go for colors like espresso, deep violets, or inky black to bring out the best in your skin color.

lupita e35d9b6387cd4c38abbb4e1b305ac2b9
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If you’ve got dark skin with a warm undertone, you can try going medium to light brunette. Golden brown, caramel, and toffee tones work well with the deepness of your skin color and can help make your look more complete.

It can seem complicated to pair all these different colors with your specific skin tone, but when in doubt, check out celeb pics! Celebrities change their hair color often, so you can rest assured knowing that somewhere out there, there is a hair color for you.

Don’t be shy to show your stylist what kind of look you’re going for. They’ll definitely help you achieve the best look for you and your skin tone!

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