Princess Diana’s Favorite Workouts That You Would Love, Too

The People’s Princess, the late Princess Diana of Wales, is an inspiration for many. Her legacy as a charitable woman, a fashion icon, and a loving mother remains, and we can probably add fitness enthusiast to the list. Jenni Rivett, Diana’s personal trainer, shares the princess’ workout routine and some of her favorite exercises to do at the Palace.

‘90s Workout Craze

“Diana used to like doing step aerobics, which was the big thing in the ’90s,” Rivett told New Idea. “She also really loved to do cardio and get out into Kensington Gardens and power walk.” Another cardio-based workout she enjoyed was rollerblading, which viewers can catch sight of in The Crown. In general, Princess Diana loved most of the exercises she did with her trainer.

Princess Diana's Favorite Workouts That You Would Love, Too
 Photo: The Crown/Netflix 

Full Body Home Workouts

To balance her training sessions, the princess would also engage in body conditioning exercises. Rivett said she’d center their routine on “functional training uses her own body resistance, medium-sized weights, and resistance bands.” Diana would excel in squats and lunges, so they did a lot of that while working on her posture. Rivett recalls one of her fondest memories of her training sessions with the princess was when the two young princes would join them.

Prioritizing Good Health

The princess prioritizes her health as she’s afraid of needles and drips. Her usual morning routine includes a swim at the Buckingham Palace or dance lessons during the day if her schedule permits. When she’s busy tending to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry or has an early engagement, she would at least get in some stretching exercises before breakfast, a 1989 Saturday Evening Post article reports.

The Crown Perfect Unions
Photo: The Crown/Netflix

Jenni Rivett became Princess Diana’s personal trainer in 1991 up until the princess’ separation and divorce from Prince Charles. “I believe as her body became fit, strong, and healthy, she felt empowered and ready to face those bad times head-on,” she remarks.  

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