Recreate Wanda’s Retro Looks With the Upcoming Ulta Beauty x WandaVision Collab

Through the sitcom-inspired reality that Wanda created in the show, WandaVision gave us campy and effective storytelling that revealed Wanda’s desires. But, narrative aside, the fake world that Wanda created in the show also gave us some iconic looks from the past as each episode explored a different era of sitcoms. 

With the beauty looks being a significant part of Wanda’s episode-to-episode transformation as they go from era to era, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ulta is soon releasing a mini makeup collection inspired by the series. 

The line features products that will help you achieve some of the looks that Elizabeth Olsen served on the show. Whether you use the brow kit to recreate a 50s-inspired I Love Lucy-esque brow or use the bolder shades for a striking eyeshadow look reminiscent of the 80s, you’ll end up with some stunning results with this line. 

Here are the products in the upcoming collection:

5-Piece Brush Set

Ulta beauty released a beauty collection inspired by the WandaVision series.

Four-Pan Blush Palette

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Three Mini Eyeshadow Palettes 

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Winged-Tip Eyeliner Duo

Lip Plumping Gloss


Jelly Gloss and Lip Balm Set

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Brow Kit

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Products will retail for $10 to $28 and will only be available for a limited time. The collection will be available online on March 14.

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