Start your day right with these healthy morning habits

How we start our mornings can dictate how we feel and move throughout the whole day. A bad start can lead to an overall bad day, so it’s best to form habits to ensure you’ll start the morning right so you’ll be ready to conquer the day. 

Learn to be a morning person

To start, try to wake up earlier than usual so you can take your time. Don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm and use the downtime to relax. After that, dedicate some time meditating or praying. The important thing is to sit still for awhile and just be aware of your senses. 

Don’t do social media right after waking up

Also try not to reach for your phone to scroll through social media or the news right after waking up. This can distract and stress you when you haven’t even had breakfast yet. 

Break the fast

Drink water and eat a nutritious breakfast. Take your vitamins with your food so you won’t forget them later on. Drinking water right after you wake up actually helps shake you awake.

Prepare the night before

To prepare for the day’s tasks, write a to-do list the night before and visualize it on the morning itself to prepare your mind. If you psych yourself up enough, you’re more likely to do the work you plan to do. 

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to perfect your morning right from the get-go. Instead, choose some of the habits you think you can stick to and build up from there. It takes time to form habits and be disciplined, so don’t beat too hard on yourself when you falter and simply try again the next day. 


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