Essential oils can be used for a variety of reasons. Be it for relaxation, stress-relief, or even digestion aid, they are great for you and your body!

The Best Essential Oils for You
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With all the different types of essential oils, it’s important to know what each one can bring to the table to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

For sleep and relaxation

Lavender has always been synonymous with a good night’s sleep. You can take a whiff of the essential oil, along with clary sage, patchouli, sandalwood, and chamomile to ensure undisturbed rest. Pro-tip: dilute the oil in a spray bottle and spritz the mixture a couple times on your pillow for a peaceful sleep!

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For stress and anxiety relief

Bad days can instantly become better with essential oils like ylang-ylang, geranium, cedarwood, rose, and bergamot. These soothing oils help to calm the mind in times of stress and can keep you in a relaxed state. Load up your diffuser and try aromatherapy for a laid-back and serene night.

For mood boosting and energy

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Start your day right with lemon, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, and spearmint. These essential oils will keep fatigue away and work as a support system as you go on your day-to-day tasks. You can combine these essential oils with carrier oils to increase its effectiveness and allow for better absorption. Make time to look into popular carrier oils like avocado, jojoba, and olive!

For digestion

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Get rid of tummy aches and pains with ginger, peppermint, fennel, and oregano. Ginger especially alleviates constipation while peppermint is often used for IBS and other digestive problems. Mix and match a couple drops of each to achieve a healthy gut.

For a mental pick-me-up

To increase mental focus and concentration, you can go through a long list of essential oils. Rosemary, grapefruit, cedar, and pine are just a few of many that you can try that can curb mental burnout and fatigue. Some of these essential oils can even increase memory!

There are more than ninety types of essential oils that are readily available for you. Each has its own unique use and properties, so make sure to stock up and research well. Your heart, mind, body, and soul could use it!


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