The Philippines places fifth in countries where most beautiful people are born

The Philippines places fifth in countries where most beautiful people are born

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, according to the UK website, where you’re born plays a factor in how beautiful you turn out to be. Wait, what? 

Yes, in their study on the world’s most beautiful birthplaces, the Philippines ranked fifth in the country where the most beautiful people are born, with Manila also taking the 5th spot, city-wise. How cool is that, right?

Considering past winners from international pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe, and Mr. Gay World, the site found that the Philippines placed just below the USA, Venezuela, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

To put things into perspective, the Philippines has produced a total of 23 pageant winners, with the leading USA taking in over 61 pageants in recent years. Venezuela has clinched a total of 35 pageant crowns, Brazil with 23, and the United Kingdom with 25.

“The Philippines are considered another powerhouse of the beauty pageant world, which explains why the capital of Manila has produced the joint fifth-highest number of winners,” the site explained.

To complement this study’s findings, consumer data site Statista found that the Philippines ranks as the second country with the most international pageant crowns from the pageant “Big Four,” namely Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

The country tied with USA’s 15 crowns and was just below Venezuela’s 23 Big Four wins at the time, though and Statista looked into different beauty pageants for their research.

Given how much of a pageant-loving country the Philippines is, it is no surprise that the nation has produced so many winning beauties. Pageant season may not be over yet, but it’s great to know studies support that the Philippines makes a lot of pretty babies.

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