This Eye Tightening Skincare Product Works Like Magic

Does this Tiktok-viral tightening eye cream live up to its hype?

Social media will give you tons of recommendations for skincare products but seldom get as much attention as this eye cream. As usual, TikTok is back again with the latest beauty find that’s taking the internet by storm. The so-called miracle product is Peter Tomas Roth’s Instant Firmx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener, and it’s selling like hotcakes.

Instant Results in Less than 3 Minutes

54-year-old TikTok user @trinidad1967 shared her holy grail in a video, and viewers could not believe the results. As someone conscious about her eyebags, she swears by this product and demonstrates how she uses it. She then goes on and applies the clear gel under one eye and lets it sit and work its magic. You can clearly make out the difference in under 3 minutes. “It works amazing, and it tightens, and it stays like this all day,” she claims.

What Experts Have to Say

Cosmetic chemist Esther Olu explains how it works, and it turns out it’s legit. “What’s causing the tightening effect are polysaccharide polymers and film-forming ingredients (such as carrageenan in this formula). Essentially, these ingredients will adhere to your skin and form a film which visibly and temporarily improves your skin’s appearance!” Certified dermatologist Winlove Mojica, also known as The Skin Sensei, affirmed this information, saying it acts similarly to an egg mask.

Virtually Sold Out

As someone who went through weight loss surgery and gets insecure about the loose skin, she thought the internet deserved to know her secret. The video has since gained almost 5 million likes.  Thousands of people thanked her for the recommendation and rushed to the nearest beauty store to get their hands on the product. In an update video, she said the brand reached out to her and will send her free supplies.  

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The Peter Tomas Roth’s Instant Firmx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener retails for $38 (P3360) on Sephora but is currently out of stock.

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