Want to dye your hair at home? Get hair dye from these online shops!

While it’s been a while since salons were allowed to operate, some people stuck in quarantine have styled their hair themselves to avoid certain risks outside. While you only need a decent pair of scissors to cut your hair, you need dye to be able to color your hair
If you’ve been itching to try a new hair color, you can buy different types of hair dye online. From natural shades to crazy colors, you can have all of these delivered to your doorstep for your DIY coloring session. 

If you’re looking for a trusty boxed hair dye with common shades

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photo from L’Oreal

For boxed dyes, one brand that a lot of consumers trust is L’Oreal. They offer permanent hair dye in common shades for a natural finish. To order online, you can buy from their online store in LazMall to make sure that the dye is authentic, or you can order online from Watsons

If you’re looking for natural hair dye to keep your locks healthy

Hair dye is known to dry your hair, so if you want a natural alternative, Lush has henna blocks in natural shades. These are blocks of dye that you melt and slather on your hair. The process takes much longer but this will ensure your hair stays healthy. You can order them online at Lush Philippines’ website.

If you’re looking for a temporary way to dye your hair in colorful shades

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photo from Etude House

If you’ve been wanting do dye your hair in crazy shades but don’t want it to last for more than a week or two, Etude House’s Two Tone Treatment Color is the way to go. You only need to let the dye sit on your hair for at least 10 minutes, and since it’s similar to how you apply conditioner, this is the least hassle way of dyeing your hair. If you want the color to pop on your hair, I suggest bleaching your hair first. 

If you’re looking to commit to a fun and crazy color


For everything you need to achieve that fun and crazy hair color you’ve been eyeing, Rainbow Head offers products that range from bleaching kits to dyes from brands like Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Iroiro, and many more! They’ll probably have the exact shade you want and if they don’t, you can ask them which dyes to mix to achieve your color goal.


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