What’s a Balayage and Why Should You Get It?

In recent years, the colored hair trend called balayage has been topping the heads of artists and celebrities around the world. It’s a sun-kissed, soft look that is both vibrant and subtle at the same time.

But what is it?

The word “balayage” actually comes from the French word “balayer”, which means “to sweep”.  This is in reference to how the color is applied onto the hair. During the process, a hairstylist will use a brush to carefully paint the color onto your hair to create a more natural gradient.

Think of it as a sophisticated ombré (you know, that one hair trend we all tried in high school) with hints of highlights. It’s kind of a classic but also a modern look because it utilizes older techniques to create something completely new.

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The results are more natural, with colors blending into each other, and less stripy compared to highlights. The process is also less damaging, as you retain the base color at the top of your head, effectively using less bleach.

People love this technique because it’s more low maintenance, customizable, and overall just a cute look.

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Because the look blends the color from the roots to the tip into a soft lightened gradient, growing out your hair will take longer and actually look more natural. There are less harsh lines as opposed to if you dyed your hair completely one color, so you gain more time in between appointments and save more money.


And while everyone associates balayages with going blonde or light brown, the technique can actually be done for dark brown and pastel hair.

Depending on how long and how thick your hair is, the process can take up to 5-6 hours at most. Be sure to also purchase blue or purple shampoo (depending on the color you go with) to upkeep your hair and maintain its vibrancy.

There are a couple salons here in the Philippines that offer balayage services, such as Headtown Salon in Makati and Azta Urban Salon in Pasig, QC, and Taguig.


Although the service is a bit pricey (again, depending on your hair length and thickness), the results are definitely worth it considering you don’t have to go back to the salon for a retouch in another 6 months.

So what are you waiting for? Start your year off right with a brand new hair color!


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