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Originally from Malaysia, BritishIndia started as a premium tropical lifestyle brand offering elegant and quality clothing designed for tropical countries in the region. Through the years, it has made its own name in the Asian fashion retail market for its vast collections of simple yet sophisticated and timeless designs. 

The brand currently has 40 outlets across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. Here, BritishIndia is among the foreign brands handled by the Cinderella Marketing Corporation and has since then wowed shoppers with its collection of garments that have bold colors and unique prints.

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 Photo from BritishIndia

BritishIndia caters to the well-travelled, socially-active, and culturally-aware individuals. It offers two main lines in PH: Classic, and Traveler. Each collection offers a different story to suit various occasions of contemporary tropical lifestyle. Each piece of clothing is crafted with intricate designs that you’ll see every detail, may it be big or small. In addition to its wide range of designs, BritishIndia is also known for its depth in sizes, flattering figures of many shapes. 

They say, the best way to go bold with prints is when you get a BritishIndia apparel. Here are our top picks!

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Kar, P5998 | Photo from BritishIndia
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Nisha, P5498 | Photo from BritishIndia
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Kia, P5498 | Photo from BritishIndia
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Ina, P5498 | Photo from BritishIndia
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Photo from BritishIndia

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You can check out BritishIndia collections at Cinderella, Ground Floor, Alabang Town Center or at Ground Floor, Glorietta 4. You can also shop online via Cinderella’s website! Just visit and browse through the collections.

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