4 Nifty Ways to Casually Style Leggings

2020 was the year of athleisure wear and leggings were one of the staples in our closets. They’re comfortable and come in all sorts of colors and patterns so they’re also easy to pair with any outfit. Even celebrities and models have been dressing them up. These are nifty ways to casually style them for days you don’t plan to work out.

With a Cropped Hoodie

It makes sense that a cropped hoodie goes perfectly with high-waisted leggings. The look is sporty enough for leisurely walks around the neighborhood and keeps you warm on colder days. If it’s too hot out, wear a cropped shirt instead for the same effect.

Photo by Ellesse on Zalora

With a Denim Jacket

A white top and a denim jacket are basic items you should always have in your wardrobe. They go well with pretty much anything, including your favorite leggings. Pick out a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit like a classic Stan Smith or Chucks and you’re ready to go.

woman in blue denim button down jacket and black pants
Photo by Key Notez on Pexels.com

With an Oversized T-Shirt

For a more effortless look, an oversized t-shirt is your best bet. Leave it hanging, do a French tuck, or tie a shirt knot to give it shape. Similarly, you could use an oversized sweater. This is great for quick errands where you just need to get out of the house for a while. Throw on some sunglasses and you’re incognito.

Photo by H&M on Zalora

With a Blazer

Blazers aren’t just for the office and people have been successfully styling them casually these days. Wear a cute camisole underneath and top it with a blazer to achieve that business chic. Choose dark-colored leggings like black or navy blue to tie everything together.

There are so many more ways you can casually style leggings. Find style inspirations to change it up every once in a while so don’t get too bored with your everyday outfits.


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