5 Fashion Trends We’re Letting Go Of In 2022

We’ve gone through numerous fashion trends in 2021 that it was practically hard to follow everything. Nonetheless, it was a fun year for dressing up as we embraced athleisure wear, adapted bold prints, and welcomed the resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic. And now that we’re slowly getting back into normalcy, we’ve gotten a better idea of which fashion trends we’re letting go of in 2022.

Micro Bags

The Jacquemus Le Chiquito Mini tote bag and other similar ultra-exaggerated proportioned accessories are cute when styled appropriately. However, overall, it’s impractical considering that it can’t even fit your phone. We suggest getting a Prada nylon shoulder bag or JW Pei Gabbi bag instead, which is still petite enough to match any chic outfit.

rihanna jacquemus
Photo: The Mega Agency

Low-Rise Jeans

The Y2K aesthetic is here to stay in 2022, except for a few items. First, low-rise jeans just aren’t flattering enough for most body types, so we’ll have to make a pass despite its best efforts to be a thing again. The same goes for the whale tail trend and trucker hats. If you want to follow this trend correctly, go for vintage pieces that are wearable with everyday classics.

5 Fashion Trends We're Letting Go Of In 2022
Photo: The Mega Agency

Dad Sneakers

A few years ago, everyone was head over heels for the oddly adorable chunky dad sneakers. Though this vintage style may be on its way out, the sneakers of 2022 will still be a throwback. We’re talking high tops like the 70’s Chuck Taylors in earthy tones or lug sole boots that elevate any look. If you borrowed a pair from your dad, it’s time you finally gave them back.  

5 Fashion Trends We're Letting Go Of In 2022
Photo: Rex Shutterstock

Cut-Out Clothing                                               

Fashion Week 2021 was chock-full of inspiring skin-baring looks, but the hype quickly died when the colder season arrived. Tie around tops and asymmetrical cuts were other popular versions of the cut-out clothing trends that didn’t seem to last. We’ve got to admit that off-shoulder tops were convenient during vaccine sessions.

5 Fashion Trends We're Letting Go Of In 2022
Photo: Eckhaus Latta/Darian DiCianno

Biker Shorts

Comfort was the theme of pandemic fashion, so it wouldn’t be fair to hate on oversized tees and bike shorts. There’s already a decline in the number of people wearing them as everyone prepares to go back to the school or office. We’re likely returning to our usual smart-casual attires, sporting paper-bag shorts or wide-legged pants.

5 Fashion Trends We're Letting Go Of In 2022
Photo: GC Images

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