5 Nail Polish Trends to Try Before the Year Ends

The pandemic caused people to pursue all sorts of passion projects and creative endeavors. From baking and getting innovative in the kitchen to crocheting and producing resin art, we’ve practically seen and tried it all. This time around, let’s take a minute to appreciate these nail polish trends and the artistry behind them.

Abstract Print

Lines, swirls, and squiggles of all shapes and sizes are welcome to the nail trend. There’s honestly no right or wrong way to go about this, so feel free to experiment. Show off your fun and artistic side and use your nails as a blank canvas for your works of art.


Colorful French Tips

French tip nails are back, and they’re cuter than ever. What’s great about this trend is how it works on short and long nails and how simple yet elegant they look. Ditch the usual white band polish for a pop of color and play around with different patterns if you’re feeling bolder than usual.


Embellished Nails

When you’re nails look glamorous, you’ll feel glamorous, too. Finesse your design of choice with add-on embellishments like stones and jewelry. The eye-catching details speak for themselves and are a nice treat if you’re feeling extra.


Retro Flair

70s-inspired trends have also resurged this year. Tie-dyed patterns and retro flowers made their way back into our wardrobes, as well as on our nails. You could easily achieve this design with stick-on nails, but some practice with a dotting tool could lead to something more creative.


Smiley Face Nails

One of the most searched nail polish ideas on Pinterest is smiley faces. Who wouldn’t want to have painted nails that could literally cheer you up? Just looking at them is a delight. Emoji stickers, nail accents, or multi-colored smileys are just some of the designs to choose from.


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