A Rundown of Mimiyuuuh’s Luxury Shoe Collection

Mimiyuuuh exhibits her shoe collection in a recent YouTube video, and it’s an impressive curation. Her fondness for shoes started back in high school as they’d always shop for a new pair in preparation for Christmas parties. After actively working as a fashion designer and content creator, she finally splurged on these much-deserved items.

Maison Margiela Tabi Boots (P53,500)

Tabi Boots are distinguished by their split-toe design, which is what attracted Mimiyuuuh to it. It’s the first designer shoe she’s bought and was an impulse purchase, but she loves it anyway.  


Maison Margiela Tabi Slingback Shoes (P52,000)

Another Tabi in the collection, except this one has an ankle strap and gold details. It fits a little smaller, but that’s because it was the last piece on sale, and she just had to buy it.


MM6 Diffusion Line Sandals (P32,000)

If it wasn’t already obvious, Mimuyuuuh has an affinity for Maison Margiela shoes, and this mule is no different. She thinks the can-heel detail is a stand-out feature. Unfortunately, this was also bought in a smaller size.


Nike Air Force 1 PEACEMINUSONE ‘Para-Noise’ (P10,195)

As a fan of G-Dragon, Mimiyuuuh was willing to shell out thrice the retail price for these limited-edition kicks. Because it wasn’t until recently that she got into sneakers, this shoe represents the start of her sneaker collection.


Reebok x Maison Margiela Classic Leather Tabi Shoes (P15,000)

There’s just something about Tabi shoes that draws Mimiyuuuh in. And if she were to buy white sneakers, it had to be unlike everything else on the market.


Prada Monolith Boots (P88,000)

Owning two versions of these Prada boots, she has both the ankle-cut and knee-high variant equipped with extra pouches. It’s the most expensive shoe in the collection, but she sees it as an investment.


Mimiyuuuh doesn’t think she will resell any of the shoes. Whether they were bought with her own money or gift, it holds a special place in her heart. The video’s intent was not to brag about her collection but to inspire others to work hard and reward themselves.  


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