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Alter Your Jeans Even Without Sewing Skills

The perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. If your favorite jeans no longer fit because you lost weight or you found vintage oversized denim at the thrift store, there’s still a way to make it work. Alter your jeans with these quick fixes — no sewing needed!

Belt Loop Hack

No other items are required for this hack. Hook the button of your jeans to the belt loop on the left, then button it up like you normally would. It’s so simple; even Laureen Uy swears by it. Just make sure your buttons are sturdy enough so that they don’t pop out when you’re out and about.  

Hair Tie Hack

It’s a similar concept to the belt loop hack, except this requires a hair tie. Hook one end of the hair tie onto the button. Then pass the other end through the belt loop and hook it back onto the button. This will fasten your jeans and make them snugger without major alterations.

Button Pin Hack

Bretman Rock previously showed this fashion hack on his Instagram stories and it was ingenious. They are exactly what they sound like: buttons that you pin onto your jeans to make them fit tighter. Tack it along the waist and button up where you placed the pin. It also works on other garments like blazers and denim skirts.

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Shoelace Hack

If you’re not a fan of belts or don’t own one, you could also try this shoelace hack. Thread the shoelace through the belt loops at the side of your jeans and securely tie them at the back. Tuck the excess lace inside your jeans to give the illusion of a tailored fit.


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Sewing is a hard skill to master and having your clothes tailored can be pricey. In the meantime, downsize your jeans with these fashion hacks. Try them out yourself and see how much more flattering your denim will be.

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