Barbie Collaborates with Balmain For a New Collection

Since 1959, the fashion doll Barbie has not just been the favorite toy of millions of children (and some adults) worldwide but has been a pop culture icon. She represents an ideal many idolize to this day while sparking a lot of debate about the impossible standards she has set. Barbie remains an unparalleled figure who will remain relevant in the years to come.


As a testament to Barbie’s iconic status, luxury French fashion house Balmain is partnering with Barbie (or its parent company, Mattel, for that matter) for two new projects: a new high-fashion unisex apparel and non-fungible token (NFT) collection. 

As per Vogue, Balmain’s Creative Director Olivier Rousteing has created a limited-edition genderless collection for adults. Barbie and Ken and their tastes inspired the entire line. It also reflects Rousteing’s childhood memories and hopes for the future. 

For Rousteing, the collection is more than a unique brand collaboration. Why? As a child, he was not allowed to play with Barbie dolls. For him, the project represents a dream. 

“It’s not only the dream of a designer, it’s a dream of a kid, you know?” he mused. “That I can create a collection with Barbie today shows how the world has changed, and how good it feels to be free with yourself without being judged.”


Rousteing approached this particular collection with two minds: one of a “kid dreaming of Barbie” and one of a top designer. He took elements of the Balmain brand, including the Labyrinth monogram designed by Pierre Balmain in the ’70s, the shoulder pads, the oversized gold buttons, even some couture pieces– and combined them with Barbie’s visual world. 


So what can you expect from this collaborative effort, you may be wondering? Alongside silk satin suits, strapless mermaid gowns, and sequined mini-dresses, the 50-piece collection also features sweatshirts, jumpers, accessories, and more that blur the line between his and hers.

In addition to luxurious clothing, CGI dolls will model the collection, and there will be an auction featuring three NFTs depicting Barbie and friends in Balmain. Given the demand for NFTs these days, this collaboration will surely make a ton of moolah for Barbie and Balmain. 
This limited-edition capsule collection will be available on January 13 worldwide. Pieces will range from $295 to $42,494. To know more about Barbie and Balmain’s luxurious partnership, visit Balmain’s website today.

Art Daniella Sison


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