Be your own type of sassy and classy with a Bayongciaga piece that you can order online!

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Known as Pinoy’s version of eco-bags from the past, bayongs are often used by our nanays and lolas when going to the wet market. But these days, you can carry a bayong wherever you go because Bayongciaga says so!

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This proudly-Pinoy novelty brand that creates bayong bags with a modern twist has made its name in the fashion industry, here and across the globe. Bayongciaga is a modern interpretation of our trusted wet market ‘bayong’ that will surely complement every Pinoy’s contemporary style. They have fashionable sling bags, handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, and even bag accessories. And no, their collections are not just for women because you can buy something for your man, too!

From classic black and white bags to customized ones, Bayongciaga boasts its finely-crafted woven bags. Among our top picks include this Go Premium with Tan Leather piece that is also available in black with tan leather and black with black leather and the Premium Messenger Bayong Bag.

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Go Premium with Tan Leather | Photo from Bayongciaga

But more than the stylish bayongs, every Bayongciaga piece is a labor of love. In every item, you would definitely see the artistry and craftsmanship of the local weavers supported by the brand. Also, Bayongsiage provides a sustainable livelihood to talented artisans, especially these days, from their communities in different provinces such as Laguna, Marinduque, Sorsogon, Naga, Palawan, Panay, and Negros.

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Photo from Bayongciaga

To reach more fashionable Pinoys, they’ve expanded their digital presence by launching their Lazada flagship store recently, and are accepting online orders via their Facebook and Instagram pages. How cool is that?

Photo from Bayongciaga

And to make things even more exciting is that they are also offering a 10% discount* with your purchases! Just use the code, Bayongciaga10Discount, when buying from their Instagram and Facebook page starting this Sunday, February 14 until May 14, 2021! Just kindly note though that you can choose only from the available inventory to get your item within 3 to 5 days from payment. Otherwise, you have to wait for 12 to 14 days to produce your desired item.

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But even so, every Bayongciaga piece is worth the wait, right? So what are you waiting for? Add to cart now a Bayongciaga! 

*Delivery/shipping fee applies.


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