Checkmate, vloggers: Indonesian guy gets to 1M views by doing absolutely nothing

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Screenshot from YouTube: sobat miskin official

As today’s top content creators compete to make the most exciting and eye-catching videos, one Indonesian man with nothing but a camera and two hours to spare swoops in and breaks all formula for YouTube fame by doing what? Literally nothing.

Yep, absolutely and utterly nothing. Just sitting still, not moving a muscle, and staring into the camera while the viewers guess what’s going on in his mind for two hours and 20 minutes

Witness the pinnacle of human endurance here:

If you think that’s crazy, it probably is. But what’s crazier is that the viral video, whose original title translates to “2 HOURS of doing nothing,” has raked in more than 1.1 million views and 46 thousand likes as of writing.

Uploaded by a YouTuber named Didit on his channel “sobat miskin official,” the video has since made him a social media sensation in Indonesia, and earned him more than 15,000 followers.

At the video description, he explains the video’s purpose. Translated, his statement says that for so long, Indonesian viewers have been pressuring him to create more content that educates the youth, and after much compulsion, he finally made the video. He then leaves it to his audience’s cleverness to decide on the video’s benefits.

Your move, vloggers.

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