Chic Red Outfit Ideas for the Lunar New Year

Welcome good luck this Lunar New Year by dressing up in your best red outfit.

Red is significant in Chinese culture because legend has it, the flaming color scares away misfortune. It’s also said to be an especially lucky color to wear if it’s your zodiac year. And while traditionally the cheongsam is worn during this time, not everyone owns one so here are modern styles you can take inspiration from when dressing for the occasion.

Career Woman

Far from traditional but still modest is an all-red blazer and pants combo or a fiery jumpsuit. Laureen Uy is not one to stray away from wearing bold colors or androgynous fashion, so who better to get outfit ideas from than someone who does it so well?

Double Your Luck

There’s a Filipino superstition that dawning yourself in polka dots on New Year’s will bring wealth since it symbolizes coins or money. Incorporate those dots in your red garment, and you might just attract double the luck.

Bloom in Style

Floral prints may not be for everyone, but you can’t go wrong with them especially at festivities. A dress with a subtle pattern makes it a timeless, feminine piece that could be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

Laidback in Red

Show off your dainty side and channel the cottagecore aesthetic with a puff-sleeved, red maxi dress from StyleStaple. It’s simple and comfortable for everyday wear, yet elegant enough for attending small family gatherings this CNY.  

Glitz and Glammed

Manifest a brighter year for yourself with a sparkly ensemble like Niki Zefanya’s. Walk into any room sporting a look like this and bedazzle anyone that glances your way.

There aren’t many rules when dressing up for Chinese New Year but you wouldn’t want to commit a fashion faux pas by showing up in a monochromatic black or white fit. As classy as they may be, these are colors associated with mourning and death which would contradict what the festivities are about — new beginnings.

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