Corsets are making a comeback – here’s where to get yours

Most of us are familiar with corsets – it’s the garment that women from the west used to wear from the 16th up until the early 20th century. It’s also the garment we see in historical movies or shows. You’ll usually find it in a scene where the heroine is gasping for air and exclaiming in pain while a servant tightens the corset on her body. 

While women don’t really wear these anymore (hello, bras!), corsets are making a comeback, albeit more modern in design. 

Corsets are no longer just an undergarment because modern corsets are best worn on its own or over a piece of clothing. The style has also evolved to suit our generation’s tastes, so if you’re looking to get your hand on one, here are shops you can check out:

Gleam Darling

Gleam Darling’s sells unique, upholstery corsets. Not sure what that means? Think of a vintage upholstered couch or a tapestry and then imagine that into a corset. The resulting piece is beautiful, and it embodies the style of victorian times and our modern sensibilities.

Closet by Mika

For different styles of corsets, check out Closet by Mika. The owner of the shop sometimes upcycles old shirts, so aside classic-looking corsets made from special fabrics, she also has more casual options. Some of her corsets also have sleeves! 

Hello Habi

All of Hello Habi’s garments are made from flour sacks, making their corsets both unique and sustainable! Despite the not so usual material, all of their items look amazing and of high quality. You’ll definitely stand out with the distinctive prints on the corsets. 


For more lingerie-type corsets, check out Corsette. Some of this shop’s items are vintage, so you’ll really get quality and unique corsets from here. 

Cloud Seams

Another shop that reworks and makes the corsets is Cloud Seams. Everything you’ll find here is adorable, and the owner has a knack for combining different textiles to create one-of-a-kind pieces. 

April Jean Reflection

For sexier styles, April Jean Reflection’s shop sells lingerie corsets and even button-up shirts with corsets. Some of the corsets here might be more daring, but they won’t fail to make you feel good about yourself. 

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