Forget the $588 Zip Tie bling; this $708 safety pin bracelet takes the cake

In recent weeks, social media went ballistic over these Zip Tie-inspired bracelets that sold at $588 or over P28,000.

If you thought that was bonkers, wait until you discover that there’s also a safety pin link bracelet, and the price tag is equally mind-blowing, as it sells at $708 or a little over P34,000! BRB, just letting our bank accounts cry for a bit.

The bracelets are sold by the same shop that graced us with the Zip Tie aesthetic: AMBUSH, a luxury jewelry label from Japan. The brand has collaborated with various distinguished street brands including A Bathing Ape, UNDERCOVER, and Maison Kitsune. Some celebrities have also served clients to the high-fashion label, including Pharrell Williams, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, and even Kanye West.

So what exactly warrants its steep cost? According to its website, the bracelet is made of Silver 925. Also called “Sterling Silver,” Silver 925 simply means that it’s made of 92.5% silver, which is pretty exceptional in the realm of jewelry making and is widely regarded to be the best kind of silver there is. Whether that excuses paying $708 for it, is none of our business (and out of our pay grade).

Want more zany product listings from the luxury brand? As seen on the luxury fashion retail platform, FARFETCH, these Nobo clip earrings by AMBUSH costs a whopping $477 dollars or almost P23,000.

From laundry to luxury real quick.

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