End Of An Era: Have Baggy Jeans Replaced Skinny Jeans For Good?

Tommy Hilfiger launches latest Denim Progressed baggy jeans

Have baggy jeans replaced skinny jeans?

Here’s the answer: Tight-fitting skinny jeans are out. Denim progressed baggy jeans are in.

What used to be a fail-safe fashion piece is now being pushed aside by its younger, preppier, and hippier counterpart. 

Denim styles at the moment are moving away from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous pieces. Tommy Hilfiger is at the forefront of bringing the ’90s fits and New York City hip hop vibes back to the Philippines with their new baggy jeans Denim Progressed collection.

Tommy Jeans Spring 2023 Denim Progressed 11
Daisy Cut for women

Composed of a 45-piece assortment of progressive denim and modern street styles, the latest Denim Progressed collection is teeming with statement pieces. The collection also features unexpected design twists and contemporary baggy proportions.

Key items of the collection are the Aiden jean for men and the Daisy cut for women. Aiden features an oversized fit and drop crotch. On the other hand, Daisy sits low on the hips with a wide leg. This puts a present-day spin on TOMMY JEANS’ preppy heritage. 

Tommy Jeans Spring 2023 Denim Progressed 8
Aiden Jean cut for men.

Baggy jeans and more

A wider denim range continues to play a central role in providing consumers with the tools to fully express themselves.

If a pair of baggy jeans is not to your taste, TOMMY JEANS’ latest Denim Progressed also comes with the iconic straight leg, a micro skirt, and an oversized bomber. 

Tommy Jeans Spring 2023 Denim Progressed 5 1

Denim bottoms are as flexible as a staple white tank top. But to up the entire look, statement pieces like the Chicago windbreaker, bold stripe tees, skate-inspired shorts and tees, and shiny bombers and pullovers are the way to go.

The Denim Progressed brings an era back, highlighting the collision of ’90s prep mixed with today’s modern hip-hop style. But the campaign strives for something bigger. 

With Denim Progressed, TOMMY JEANS continues to deliver stylish and more sustainable denim while reducing its environmental impact. From circular designs to 100% recycled fabric, this season’s drop is filled with head-turning silhouettes that help contribute to a greener future.

Banner Image Dani Sison

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