Frayed hem jeans (or raw hem jeans) have been around for years, and they’re now one of the staples in our closet. Every major fashion retailer these days carries the style, which makes it easier to cop a pair. But for those who don’t want to spend too much on new clothes, there’s a DIY version you can try out at home.

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What will you need to DIY Frayed Hem Jeans?

To get started, of course, you will need a pair of jeans to DIY. Simply find old jeans that you want to add flair to or thrift for an inexpensive pair to upcycle. Not only will you be saving a few bucks and getting something new to wear, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor!

Other things you will need are common household items, such as chalk, a pair of fabric scissors, and a ruler. Optional: tweezers, pumice stone, sandpaper, cheese grater.

How to DIY Frayed Hem Jeans?

Here’s a simple tutorial that even beginners can follow. It demonstrates how to DIY raw hem jeans for your next fashion project.

  1. Try on your jeans and mark where you want to cut off your jeans with the chalk.
  2. Lay the jeans flat on and draw a line across the hem with a ruler.
  3. Cut across the marked hem using a sharp pair of fabric scissors to create a raw hem.
  4. Do the same on the other pant leg, following the new inseam measurements.
  5. Distress the hems by manually pulling the horizontal threads using tweezers or by rolling the loose threads in your hands.

“If at that point it’s still not frayed enough for my liking, I grab a pair of blunt scissors and comb in a downward direction,” Nicola Mielke, Director at Women’s Lee told Instyle. Another hack we found online suggests using a pumice stone, sandpaper, or cheese grater to give a more worn look.

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