How to Dress Like a Squid Game Character for Halloween

Squid Game is officially the most-watched Netflix series, and the hype is still not over. Even if you haven’t watched the entire season, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard about this dystopian thriller. Aside from the engaging plot, we can’t help but notice the set design and eye-catching outfits, which would be fun to recreate on Halloween.

Squid Game Player

Here’s a neat Halloween party idea: you and your friends can dress as your favorite player and try the Honeycomb Challenge. Contestants in the show wear green tracksuits with their personal identifying numbers. Any green jacket will do if you don’t have a tracksuit. Complete the look with white slip-on Vans.

squid game
Photo: Netflix/Squid Game

Squid Game Guard

If you don’t want to dress up as one of the players, there’s the option to go as the guard. They wear a hooded red jumpsuit and black masks printed with different shapes. Re-use your old Money Heist costume, so that you only need to purchase a hard plastic mask from Shopee. Or you could DIY your mask by buying a tinted face shield and drawing your shape of choice.

SquidGame Unit 103 1076 res 1
Photo: Netflix/Squid Game

Squid Game Front Man

From behind a monitor, the Front Man supervises each challenge of the Squid Game. This is a fitting choice for those who just want to stealthily join the party. His outfit is one of the easiest to replicate because of the plain black mask and hooded coat. Purchase an angular face mask on the same Shopee link above, and don’t forget to wear a pair of black leather gloves.

squid game front man 1
Photo: Netflix/Squid Game

Deadly Robot Doll

The robot doll in the “Red Light, Green Light” challenge from episode one is an iconic character. She made headlines in the Philippines when she paid a visit to a mall in Manila, where she scared off pedestrians. To recreate her outfit, you will need a yellow t-shirt, orange dress, and knee-high white socks. Style your hair in pigtails and give your deadliest stare.

squid game
Photo: Netflix/Squid Game

Art Daniella Sison


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