How to Shop Stylish and Sustainable Clothing

Fast fashion provides trendy and affordable clothing for the majority. But do we ever stop and think about the impact it has on the environment? This way of shopping isn’t going away anytime soon, and fortunately, several brands have started offering more eco-friendly solutions to our fashion dilemma. The next time you’re doing some retail therapy, consider these tips and shop sustainably.

How to Shop Stylish and Sustainable Clothing
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Check the Label

The labels on garments are helpful when it comes to shopping sustainably. Check what materials were used and opt for organically grown cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and lyocell, instead of nylon and polyester. Similarly, check where it’s manufactured to ascertain the workers in these countries are paid fairly and under safe conditions.

Skip the Microtrends

Keeping up with microtrends can be exhausting, especially when there’s constantly something new on the market. Clothes that fall under this category are only around for a few weeks until everyone else moves on to the next aesthetic. Because they are typically made of lower quality, it’s likely they’ll only get worn a couple of times before they end up in a landfill.

Quality Over Quantity

The most effective way to lessen the environmental impact of fashion is to choose quality over quantity. That means making informed decisions when shopping and investing in higher-quality items that are designed to last longer. Forgo the clothing haul and build a capsule wardrobe instead, comprising of items you know you’ll love and get to wear more often.

Support Sustainable Brands

Thrifting is great for finding unique pieces that you might not find elsewhere. Another option is to search for local shops that offer sustainable fashion. What these stores usually do is rework items, upcycle old fabrics and textiles, or resell vintage finds to save you the effort of going through the racks. You’ll be helping small businesses while giving clothes new life.

In case you need to declutter some of your old clothes, attempt to mend them, donate them, or sell them online. Some fashion retailers also provide a textile recycling bin for used garments and would gladly recycle them for you.

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