How to Style Any Outfit According to Emma Chamberlain

There’s no doubt Emma Chamberlain has a huge impact on today’s online fashion scene. Sure, not everyone can afford the designer items she dons, but her style remains influential, nonetheless. She has styling tips for every occasion — from everyday pieces to travel outfits — and you can emulate them by following this style guide.

Timeless Everyday Pieces

The foundations of every capsule wardrobe are quality denim jeans, a plain-colored top, and comfortable shoes. For Emma’s, it’s vintage Levi’s 501, a white tank top, and Doc Martens. How does she change it up? Layering an oversized leather jacket and pairing it with a cute baguette bag and rectangle sunglasses in a similar shade. Swap the top for a preppy vest, and you’ll be ready for weekend brunch.

Event Dress Code

Choosing a dress is a whole experience for Emma because she needs to feel the energy of the garment. You’ll seldom catch her wearing heels or a skirt, but she has exceptions. On date nights, a classic black skirt is her go-to to spice things up, whereas she’ll choose chunky platform boots to put a fun twist on her formal getups. “I hate being overdressed. It makes me feel weird,” she candidly told Vogue. No big bags for her, though, because they get in the way.

Work From Home Ensemble

Whether she’s off to Erewhon Market, walking around the house, or on Zoom meetings, she can always count on her trusty UGG slippers. Those slippers, yoga pants, and a graphic shirt would be the ideal loungewear/work look because it doesn’t restrict movement. The only non-negotiable is that the sweatpants need to be high-waisted and have a drawstring. Of course, she wouldn’t be Emma if she didn’t have her coffee mug.

Out of Town Girl

When she’s off to for a flight, comfort is key. According to this influencer, a fleece vest, yoga pants, and white sneakers are the way to go. “To me, getting on a plane and flying somewhere is adventurous, and so is outdoors wear,” she explained. And if it’s a tropical destination, you’ll spot her in an over-the-top beach look that includes trendy sunglasses and platform flip flops. It’s the perfect time to dress differently because you’re unlikely to see somebody you know in a foreign place.

“A lot of my outfit choices just make sense in my brain, and I just cross my fingers that I don’t look stupid,” she blurts. Relatable as always, Emma.


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