IG Shops That Sell Charming Beaded Jewelry

Balenciaga has caught on the beaded jewelry trend and released a Toy Logo beaded bracelet that retails for $450. It’s made from multicolored cube-shaped letter beads that spell out the label. But as cute as the Italian crafted accessory is with its heart, star, and flower-shaped pieces, the fact is that not everyone can afford to cop it.  Save your money and support local by buying from these IG shops instead.


Everything from this shop is hand-made and screams Y2K. All their bracelets and necklaces are a unique combination of beads, and they also have rings, earrings, and mask holders to match. You could choose a piece from their limited collection or have something customized like this customer who ordered a BTS-inspired necklace and bracelet set.



This store is like a pastel dream with their candy-colored beaded jewelry. They accept custom orders but also have a catalog that features minimalist designs. If you’re not a fan of chunky beads and loud colors, then this is right up your alley. Prices start at P50, so they’re pretty affordable, too.



Knotty or Nice sells dainty beaded accessories that appeal to your inner child as they try to balance playfulness with modern design. Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth because all their accessories are handcrafted and made to order. They also do customization in case you have something specific in mind. Also, we can’t help but notice how witty their Instagram handle is.


As if beaded jewelry weren’t nostalgic enough, this store manages to make give it a rustic touch. Their safety pin necklace is edgy but still fits the Y2K trend. You can even customize it to spell your name. Kudos to them for being eco-conscious and avoiding plastic packaging.

Why spend money on overpriced items when you could be getting something similar for less, all while supporting small local businesses? Maybe even try making your own beaded jewelry to take you back to your childhood days.

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