Lacoste X Minecraft: It All Begins With Play

Building bridges between two worlds.

You read that right! The developer of the world’s most sold game, Minecraft, Mojang Studios, just recently collaborated with French clothing company Lacoste. 

Not only did Lacoste release the design-on-shirt collab, Lacoste and Minecraft incorporated these designs into the game! The now exclusive designs have made it outside and inside the computer screen, which took place on Minecraft’s twitch stream last March 14, 2022. 

LacostexMinecraft Avatar KV
Avatars in-game

The Croc and the Block decided to collaborate to share a common philosophy of exploring creativity, finding identity and individuality by finding one’s uniqueness as a part of a community, be it fashion or gaming. But is that all they have for us? Not. 

Not only did they release killer skins and new, sporty clothes during the launch on March 14, but they also did a playthrough. They displayed the skins on Lacoste’s Croco Island map for players worldwide to try. Among those who participated were Atomicmari and Shubble, musician Brawk, and video creator Smajor.

At the LacostexMinecraft Event from March 12

So what are you waiting for? Rock that croc, physically and virtually!

Art Macky Arquilla

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