Louis the Game Celebrates LV’s 200th Birthday

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton releases a game to celebrate the founder’s 200th birthday. Louis: The Game is inspired by the atelier’s long journey from Anchay, France, to the bustling city of Paris in 1835. Players can join Vivienne, the flower mascot, explore this futuristic world, and delve into the creative mind of Louis in this adventure-packed game.

What to Expect?

The mobile game was launched on August 4, the birthdate of its namesake founder. Players run around and jump across six beautifully designed worlds in search of 200 birthday candles. Each candle unlocks fascinating stories, and the world embodies the spirit of travel. The objective is to learn everything possible about the Maison while collecting fashion accessories and hunt for one of the 30 NFTs embedded in-game.


Deck Out in LV

Character customization is not new to video games, although it’s not every day you get to dress them up in LV.  Choose from iconic monogram prints and colorways to style Vivienne and embark as Louis Vuitton’s spirit incarnate on a historical quest. Aside from the high-end fashion, you can’t miss the exclusive NFT collectibles designed by artist Beeple.


Connecting Generations

Louis: The Game is the brand’s way of engaging with the younger audience, said Michael Burke, CEO of Vuitton. “Media is evolving so quickly that every time there’s a new way of communicating, you have to tell your story all over again. Generations are now defined by technology, not by age.” He believes companies like theirs need to maintain a balance between the past and the future.


Louis: The Game is now available on iOS and Android. Part of their 200th birthday celebrations includes a fictional novel based on the founder’s life, an Apple TV documentary titled Looking for Louis, a large-scale triptych by Alex Katz, and a showcase of Louis Vuitton’s signature trunks reimagined by 200 esteemed people.

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