Miss Universe Canada Organization Takes Another Hit as Filipino Designer Jaggy Glarino Defends Michael Cinco

And the saga continues!

Ever since famed fashion designer Michael Cinco fired back at Miss Universe Canada’s team for false allegations of sabotage, other Filipino designers have taken to social media to share their own unpleasant encounters with the Miss Universe Canada Organization.

One such designer, Jaggy Glarino, defended M5 in a Facebook post by saying that he had never heard of Cinco speaking ill of the Miss Universe Canada team and that the Dubai-based designer was patient and considerate.

Glarino detailed his own experience with the Miss Universe Canada team and Nova Stevens, the current Miss Universe Canada. He had allegedly been tapped by Cinco to create a custom piece for Stevens in the span of two days for an upcoming interview. While difficult, Glarino and his team prevailed in creating a custom, hot pink deconstructed suit set.

They finished the suit but had trouble when it came time to ship the piece overseas.

Miss Universe Canada Organization Takes Another Hit as Filipino Designer Jaggy Glarino Defends Michael Cinco
Custom deconstructed suit made for Nova Stevens by Jaggy Glarino
Photo from Jaggy Glarino

“There were days when I honestly felt like I’ve been ignored. We’re caught in a recurring cycle of silence, getting short replies and again a day or two of silence,” said Glarino. “I was already pissed around this time but M5 has always asked me to be very understanding and pray (am not really good at it) lolz! We tried to be very patient as we also understand that this might be a very stressful time for her team as M5’s gowns [were] still on transit around this time.”

Custom shoes and earrings made for Nova Stevens by May Lee and Eric Mananansala, respectively
Photo from Jaggy Glarino

Despite the team’s best efforts, the suit still did not make it in time for Stevens’ interview. According to Glarino, the Miss Universe Canada team said they had lacked sufficient funds to ship the suit over.

The experience frustrated Glarino and led him to defend Michael Cinco. “M5 went out of his way to provide clothes for the candidate. He tapped me to do clothes (a full look) out of his sheer kindness (goodwill if you will),” he stated. According to the fellow designer, Cinco even paid for the shipping expenses of Glarino’s gown for Stevens’ shoot in Dubai.

Gown designed by Jaggy Glarino for Nova Stevens’ shoot in Dubai
Photo from Jaggy Glarino

“Attacking his team, the people who work for him, [are] tantamount to attacking the creative head himself. You cannot go around telling the universe that you adore him and think that his people [were] deliberately sabotaging you behind his watch,” Glarino asserted.

Stevens has since addressed the issue between her PR team and Cinco, but has set her Instagram to private. Meanwhile, Glarino’s Facebook post has since been deleted.


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