Peep the high-heeled Balenciaga-Crocs collab that has the Internet reeling

Peep the high-heeled Balenciaga-Crocs collab that has the Internet reeling
(Image: Crocs via SAINT)

Counting years of ridicule towards its comfort-based footwear, Crocs is probably as hardy as its immortal pair of clogs by now. The numbers say otherwise anyway, with sales soaring earlier this year and demand getting stronger than ever.

So it probably makes sense that Crocs would have the confidence to seal the deal with Balenciaga to produce the Balenciaga Crocs. 2.0, a stiletto-style version of the classic rubber clogs which debuted during the launch of the Spanish luxury fashion house’s Spring 2022 collection last Sunday.

According to the Spring 22 show notes, the Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 takes the trusty Crocs clogs and transforms them into pumps as well as thick boots that brag the footwear brand’s signature food bed shape and pool slides. In place of the iconic crocodile logo, the designer brand has stamped theirs onto the shoe’s rivets.

While the shoes were made for the runway, Balenciaga might just put them up for sale for as much as $1,000, because exquisite tastes merit exquisite price tags, right? 

Those of us who merely watched from the bleachers, though, made sure we made our thoughts known, as hordes of Twitter users went after the high-heeled dap. And boy, they didn’t hold back.

To be fair, there were a few for whom the luxury clogs clicked, even noting that the pair may be the first “comfortable” pumps to ever exist.

True fashion aficionados would know that this isn’t the first time that the two brands joined forces for a crazy collaboration piece. The alliance first shone back in 2017 when they dropped The Foam, a pair of Crocs adorned with sky-high platforms that graced the luxury fashion house’s Spring 2018 show.

harpers bazaar 1
(Image: Harpers Bazaar)

Beyond Balenciaga, Crocs has also inked deals with brands you’d least expect them to, like KFC, PizzaSlime, and the American metal band, KISS.

crocs 1
(Image: Crocs)
hypebeast 1
(Image: Crocs via Hypebeast)
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(Image: Crocs via Loudwire)

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Are these all tacky? Yes, they are. Does Crocs care what we think? They definitely don’t, and that’s probably why they’ve stuck around for as long as they did. 

In fact, their renewed strength amid a global pandemic might be a lesson worth learning: when there’s no one around to judge what you wear, then comfort becomes the name of the game. Kudos, Crocs!


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