Popular Prints We’ll Be Seeing This Summer

After a year of wearing athleisure and lounge clothes, people are slowly easing into the idea of going out and dressing up again. Your sweatpants can take a break while you bring out the short hems, fun colors, and chunky accessories. Y2K Fashion is making a comeback, and these are the popular prints we’ll be expecting to see more of this summer.

Harlequin Print

If you didn’t know what that the popular contrasting diamond pattern is called, it’s a Harlequin print. Dress up in this geometric print that’s cute and trendy. You’ll look put together without trying when you pair a harlequin print knit cardigan with a pleated skirt.

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As a two-piece swimsuit or a co-ordinated set, tie-dyed prints are here to stay. People have taken creative liberty to DIY old clothes as a quarantine project, and they finally get to show it off to everyone else. It’s retro but still very in style.

Animal Print

It’s probably because we’ve been stuck indoors for so long. Whether that’s a snake, cheetah, or cow print, people are getting playful with how they incorporate it into their outfits. The loud print is eye-catching and just begs for attention. Bonus points if you can find one in a midriff.

Vintage Floral

But not just any floral — vintage floral. Think about the wallpaper of a 20th century home but make it modern. This print would look elegant on flowy dresses, but you can’t go wrong with a bralette under an unbuttoned polo or blazer, either, for an elevated sportswear look.


Adidas x Icy Park is one of the most sought out collaborations of the year, touting hot pinks, snowy whites, and of course, monograms. They’re easily identifiable and are a great way to sport your favorite brand. You won’t have trouble including them in your wardrobe because they usually come in neutral colors, anyway.  

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Express yourself through fashion with these popular prints. Be daring enough to wear print-on-print if you want to and make a statement with your outfit.

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