Questionable Denim Trends We’ve Seen in the Last Decade

Jeans are a wardrobe staple. They are classic, timeless, and can practically be worn any time of the year. And while there are styles that we’ve come to love, such as boyfriend jeans and mom jeans, there are also several questionable denim trends we’ve seen throughout the years.

High Waist Cut-out Straight Leg Jeans

The only people we could think of that can pull this off in real life are pop stars during a concert performance. Other than that, this denim short-jeans hybrid doesn’t make sense. It’s like wearing suspenders for your legs — in which case, you should just buy overalls.

Photo: SHEIN

Asymmetrical Jeans

Designer Ksenia Schnaider refers to these asymmetrical pairs as the “when you can’t decide jeans,” It’s part skinny jeans, part flare jeans, and it’s very polarizing. Schnaider told Vogue that she kept pushing the idea aside until she realized she needed such a design.

Photo: Ksenia Schnaider

Butt Rip Jeans

Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing popularized the bum rip skinny jeans in 2018. The fabric at the back is shredded to “flaunt some skin,” according to designers. We’re not sure who would want to wear this or where it would be appropriate attire.

Photo: ASOS

Clear Knee Mom Jeans

We can get behind plastic tote bags and forgive the transparent boot craze, but clear knee mom jeans were a fashion crime. Internet users referred to them as “jindows” or “knee windows” and were sold for $95 at Topshop. They’re no longer available, and hopefully, they never bring it back.

Photo: Topshop

Zipper Jeans

Jeans don’t generally have zippers that go all the way from front to back, and that’s because there’s no reason it needs to be. Reformation’s Zipper Jeans beg to disagree with its crotch to butt zipper and frayed waistline bottoms. The pants don’t even have back pockets.

Photo: Reformation

Denim Panties

The most questionable denim trend award goes to Y/Project’s denim panties, a.k.a. “janties.” What’s wild is they retailed for $300 and sold out. Even on a hot summer’s day, this wouldn’t be our first clothing item of choice. Sorry.

Photo: Y/Project

Art Daniella Sison


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