The Iconic Way to Dress for a Dior Fashion Show

As Fashion Week loomed in and the runway shows stayed virtual, some people felt they were missing out on what’s vogue. It wouldn’t be a complete Fashion Week experience without the attendees dawned in their most stunning outfits, after all. So, when the opportunity to get dressed in haute couture was presented, TikTok influencers brought out their best looks that could bag front row seats.

The viral Front Row Fashion Challenge took inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2021 rollout. Tiktok creators modeled what they would be wearing had they been invited to designer runways like Gucci, Chanel, and Prada. User @andoej kicked off the trend with a montage of her flaunting her get-ups, and other fashion accounts soon followed suit.

One of the most remarkable entries was from user @inmyseams and her Dior Front Row Challenge. Janette Ok does a lot of make-up and fashion-related videos and in this particular post, she describes the blueprint to getting in the VIP line at Dior. It highlights the designer’s signature silhouette of extravagant and flowy bottoms, combined with a structured top and a cinched waist.

To recreate the look, start off with a neutral turtleneck and a full skirt or dramatic dress underneath. You want to make a statement, so the bigger, the better. At this point, it might seem a little funky but just trust the process because the woman knows what she’s talking about.

Next, layer a blazer on top and button it up, then cinch your waist with a belt to achieve that iconic Dior fit. Having a Christian Dior belt would be ideal, but even if you don’t, tie something around that waist anyway. Top it off with your most favorite boots and your most high-fashion head accessories, and you’ll be snatched for the camera.

Give your work from home uniform a break and strut down the hall in your fashionable garments. Paparazzi won’t be around to capture your splendor, but you can always pose for the Gram or post it on Tiktok for the rest of the world to admire.

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