This Jewelry Collection Will Remind You Daily to be Your Best Self

Local jewelry brand Talaala collaborated with Morena the Label’s Ayn Bernos to curate dainty pieces that are engraved with daily reminders and affirmations to be your best self. As a self-development nerd and someone who loves to wear jewelry, it was a dream come true to have physical reminders of her favorite sayings. And you can get these same reminders when you purchase something from their collection.

“I’m Right About Me” Round Plate Necklace (P1,190)

The internet can be a safe space, but some people choose to leave harmful, offensive or insulting comments about you. Don’t let what others say get to you, especially unsolicited remarks from online strangers. Use this as a reminder that you know yourself better than anyone does.

This Jewelry Collection Will Remind You Daily to be Your Best Self

“Try” Ring (P790)

The fact that this one powerful word is worn on your finger is a statement itself. You can do so many wonderful things with your hands and having this in constant view is a gentle reminder not to be too hard on yourself. There will be days you won’t be able to give it a 100% but that doesn’t mean you aren’t trying your best.


“What Would My Best Self Do?” Round Plate Bracelet (P1,190)

When Ayn feels confused, conflicted, or like nothing makes sense and she doesn’t know what to do next, this is the question she asks herself. Visualize the best possible version of yourself and strive to become that person. Show up for yourself, put in the work, and be proud of your achievements.

TalaalaxAynCreativeCatalogue90731 TALL 1008x1259

“The Next Right Thing” Bangle (P1,590)

Another question Ayn reflects on when things don’t go as planned is, “What’s the next right thing to do?” This was her takeaway from Disney’s Frozen 2, where you can always make a U-turn when you hit a dead-end or find other ways to solve things when all else seems to fail. Even the right decision can be the hardest to make.


“No One is Better Than Me/I Am Better Than No One” Earrings (P1,090/P1,290)

Choose between the Rectangle Plate Stud Earrings or the C-Shaped Earrings for your dangling affirmations. Each side is engraved with a different quote, which is a mantra Ayn lives by. “I love this quote so much because it gives me confidence, while at the same time keeping me grounded.” This goes to show that you are your best and worst critic and that there’s always room for improvement.  


Aside from being an entrepreneur, Ayn also runs a YouTube channel that helps others pursue their best selves yet and posts daily reminder videos on TikTok. Everything in the collection has something positive written on it to get through your rough patches. Shop for them on

All photos used belong to Talaala PH.

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