WATCH: Smaller and Smaller Circles is Pinoy mystery done right

Crime fighting Jesuit priests? Serial killers? Everything set in the gritty backdrop of Manila? Smaller and Smaller Circles is that sleeper hit that you can now watch in the comforts of your home as the studio has made the full movie available on YouTube.

#PinoyPride? You got it!

Yup, the film is based on a book written by F.H. Batacan way back in 1999. But the novel is a bubble in itself and could have been written yesterday. Felisa Batacan was a Fellow in the famous Dumaguete National Writers’ Workshop that is still known to produce amazing writers from all over the country. Getting into this program is highly coveted. She was batch 1996. If you want to listen to the audiobook version, you can purchase it from Audible.

Mystery whodunit done right!

Smaller and Smaller Circles checks all the boxes for what a great crime / mystery film should be. The Philippines isn’t a haven for serial killers, so this fiction paints a picture of what Manila would look like as it comes to terms with a mastermind criminal:

Two Jesuit priests, Gus Saenz and Jerome Lucero, perform forensic work to solve the mystery revolving around the murders of young boys in Payatas, one of Metro Manila’s biggest slum areas. While dealing with the systematic corruption of the government, church and the elite, the two priests delve into criminal profiling, crime scene investigation and forensic analysis to solve the killings, and eventually, find the murderer.

Directed by studios that brought you Birdshot and Heneral Luna

TBA Studios has been the keyhole of what the future of Philippine cinema can look like: Sunday Beauty Queen, Birdshot, Bonifacio, Heneral Luna. The film has won several awards, notably the 2017 Busan International Film Festival and the 2018 Udine Far East Film Festival.

YouTube Credits:

Smaller and Smaller Circles – directed by Raya Martin features Nonie Buencamino, Sid Lucero, Carla Humphries Ricky Davao, Bembol Roco, and Christopher De Leon.


2017 Busan International Film Festival

2018 Udine Far East Film Festival

Director: Raya Martin

Starring: Nonie Buencamino, Sid Lucero, Carla Humphries, Ricky Davao, Bembol Roco, Christopher De Leon

Genre: Crime Thriller


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