What’s #Trending on Instagram this Spring 2021?

In case you didn’t know yet, Instagram now makes e-zines and they just released their first issue of Instagram Insider. It’s made for those who enjoy scrolling through their feeds, discovering new content, and being inspired by these posts. Let’s take a look at what’s trending on their Spring 2021 Beauty and Fashion edition.

Arts and Crafts

Lockdown boredom was real, and people got all sorts of crafty during their downtime. Leah Wei, for example, turned bread into designer bags and Putri Samboda upcycled empty Mi Goreng packets into a statement outfit. We also saw a lot of resin art, homemade décor, and crocheting.



Warmer weather usually means colorful palettes on the gram. Aside from the Y2K aesthetic, retrofits and psychedelic prints are making waves this season. Rubi (@poseandrepeat) is basically a real-life Alex from Totally Spies who can give you style ideas.


Stick-on Beauty

Eco-fashion enthusiasts and DIY designers aren’t the only ones who got crafty during the lockdown. Beauty gurus are seen having fun with stick-on decals to elevate their make-up looks or as decoration for nail art. Journals aren’t the only things you can use stickers on, you know.


Male Skinfluencers

Skincare routines arefor everyone but it’s only recently that male beauty creators have been given the spotlight. We love to see a man who knows how to take care of themselves and shares their favorite products. It’s 2021 and we’re not here for the fragile masculinity.


Inner Beauty

Instagram’s Strategic Partner Manager Besidone Amoruwa says she sees the online community focusing more on inner beauty. This is especially in the case of a global pandemic where people have embraced their authentic self. She appreciates that creators are more transparent about the behind-the-scenes and admitting that there’s no such thing as perfect. Amen.


Instagram Insider features more than just trends. The people behind those your most liked content get special mentions, too.  Download the zine and read about the creators, designers, personalities, and brands that you should be keeping an eye on.

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