Quarantine and cabin fever has gotten some of us to do silly things at home just to stave off boredom. Many of us spent a majority of our time in the kitchen making whipped coffee or trying out other Tiktok food trends, but Leah Wei took it to the next level and turned bread into fashion.


Breaditorial: The Series

Leah Wei, a.k.a. leahsfieldnotes, is as multi-talented as a creative could get. She’s a graphic designer/YouTuber/aspiring café owner that turns bread into works of art. On her Instagram, she shares pictures of herself modeling carbohydrates as an attempt to make something as economical as bread into high fashion.

With a background in design, an interest in bread making, and intrigue about the Chinese obsession with luxury goods, the Breaditorial series was born. Coming from a Chinese background, Leah tells HypeBae that she’s amazed by how much everyone loves flaunting their designer items there — whether they were real or fake.


The Creative Process

When it comes to the creative process for the series, she discloses that boredom plays a huge factor and that she’s the most creative when she’s not trying to be. Initially, she wanted to get involved with ceramics, but the lack of materials and space left her looking for other things to take up. When she noticed her friends making bread during quarantine, the idea to use the dough as a medium struck her.

As for how long she will keep the series up, Leah admits that her interest in the Breaditorial will eventually die out. Because she doesn’t want to be confined to a certain medium, art will be ever-changing for this creative as she experiments and explores the digital and tangible forms. It just so happens that at the time, bread was what she had to make do with; who knows what she’ll come up with next?

Watch her navigate adulthood on her Youtube channel, or follow her on Instagram for more candid content.

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