Where to buy reworked and upcycled pieces

More and more people are becoming aware of the effects of fast fashion on the environment, so thrift shops are growing and thriving online. These thrift shops do the hard work of going out, curating beautiful pieces, and selling them cheaper than branded clothes, and it has resulted in online shoppers owning one of a kind clothing. 

If you want to take it a step further, there are thrift shops that have transitioned to reworking and upcycling thrifted pieces and used fabrics. These shops are designers in their own right, and their reworked and upcycled pieces are definitely worth checking out. 

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Puhon is the combined efforts of two friends with their own IG thrift shops (Pansy Pants and Wear Boys Go). Their laid back and tropical-themed pieces are perfect for this country’s climate. They also ‘make use of what’s left’ so you can rest assured that they’re making the most out of the fabrics they use. 

Hangon Wagon 

Hangon Wagon may be new to the online ukay community, but they have over 100 upcycled pieces for you to choose from. They repair and upcycle existing pieces, and they don’t stick to a singular style so you can choose from a lot. You can buy their upcycled pieces on their website.

Fifi’s Vintage

Fifi’s Vintage reworks oversized clothes and all of them end up looking chic. This shop has made a name for itself in the online ukay community because of how stylishly she reworks thrifted pieces. They’re so unique that even Frankie Pangilinan buys from this shop!

the velour 

the velour reworks handpicked pieces very subtly, but they make a lot of difference on the overall design. The owner of the shop buys the pieces while her mom reworks them. The rework can range from simple cropping to a full-blown new design. 


JMLT VINTAGE reworked pieces are carefully designed by their owner and then sewed into existence by a seamstress. Second-hand clothes find a new life through JMLT’s upcycling, and they’re actually made better by it. From tops to coordinates, you’ll find a unique reworked piece that you’ll be dying to take home. 

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