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Where to Get Style Inspo When You’re Tired of Wearing the Same Clothes

Living in the same clothes week after week can become a bore. And it isn’t practical to keep buying new items just because you’re uninspired by the ones you already own. Here’s where to get style inspiration to liven up your everyday outfits.

Instagram or Pinterest

These sites are chock-full of outfit ideas. Type in the keywords for the style you’re leaning towards and try recreating them with the clothes you already have. It doesn’t have to be a replica of the influencer’s #ootd. Likewise, you can refer to the personal style of people around you like friends and family members you admire.

Where to Get Style Inspo When You're Tired of Wearing the Same Clothes
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Window Shop

It helps to see how certain clothes look like in real life versus on-screen. Check out what’s trending and see how the store styles it on the mannequins. Visit several stores to get a better look at the latest fashion trends. Remember that you’re just looking for inspiration and not out to purchase a whole new wardrobe.

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Hanger Trick

Reddit always seems to have a lifehack for things and the hanger trick is a classic fashion-related one. Arrange all the hangers in your closet to face one direction. Once you’ve worn an item, turn the hangers to face the opposite direction. Go through all the clothes until every hanger has been turned. This lets you rotate through the things you have without having to outfit repeat for a while.

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People often underestimate how simple accessories can instantly elevate an outfit. Add dainty jewelry and maybe a pair of sunglasses to your everyday wear and it will make you look more put together. Switching up your accessories is a fun way to mix and match the things you already own.

Sometimes the problem isn’t that the clothes you own are boring; it’s about how you dress them. There are plenty of style challenges you can try like wearing your least favorite items for your week or styling a particular item in 5 different ways.

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