Whether you’re serious about your bag collection or just a casual collector, there’s one piece that will always be in your arsenal and that is the tote bag. Why every woman needs one is simple: they’re the most basic yet functional accessory you could own. Here’s a convincing case about why this all-around bag is a staple.

They are Timeless

Tote bags aren’t just a trend and they won’t be going out of style any time soon. Maybe they’ll get a refresh in designs and materials, but they’ll still be that handy bag that you can pick up any day. Invest in a high-quality brand that would practically last you forever, pair it with any outfit, and you’re set to go. A tip from Marie Claire when choosing the right bag is to “opt for either a pop of color or a textured leather,” so that the size doesn’t swamp your frame.


They are Spacious

Thanks to their large frame, they’re able to carry several things. The large opening makes it easier to chuck in everything you need, and the side handles give better access to your items when you’re on-the-go. Even superstar Angelina Jolie appreciates how roomy a tote bag is, considering she must fit in her kid’s items along with her essentials.


They are Versatile

Going to the beach? Use a transparent, waterproof tote bag. Doing the groceries? Canvas totes can hold the weight of your produce. Commuting to work? That black faux leather will fit your files and laptop, and then some. Sling the handle over your shoulder and you won’t have trouble grabbing takeaway coffee on your way to the office. It goes to show just how versatile these bags are.


A bag that’s easy to style and snazzy for any occasion would be a great piece to start your collection. From canvas to leather, there’s a tote out there that would suit anyone’s lifestyle, making it a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

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