Two Homegrown Filipino Brands Find Success On Lazada

These Pinoy brands are making a name for themselves in the e-commerce world.

If there’s anything online shopping has taught us, it’s that exploring your preferred products and brands has now become more accessible to consumers. Filipino beauty brands have made their way to the top of the scene for a while. Not to mention they’re readily available for purchase on big e-commerce platforms like Lazada. 

After all, Lazada empowers Filipino brands to flourish by providing an avenue for Filipinos to easily find and buy the products they’re looking for. Here’s an inspiring story for all aspiring entrepreneurs, two local brands have found success by establishing their presence in Lazada.

Both Clocheflame and Apotheke Science were founded on the genuine desire to inspire people, and both were built from the ground up on Lazada.

Cultivating everyday Filipina beauty

25-year-old Arianne Amante founded Clocheflame, a Filipino brand that provides quality yet affordable makeup products fit for every Filipina. Drawing inspiration from her college thesis that highlighted the Filipino perception of self-beauty, she always knew that she wanted to build a beauty brand.

Clocheflame is one of the brands that blossomed during the peak of the pandemic. She eventually left her corporate job to focus on her budding business. Although it wasn’t smooth sailing, Arianne still encouraged her small team of five full-time members by telling them to focus on the brand’s strengths.

She eventually made her dream a reality by opening her shop in 2020, leaving her corporate job to focus on her business full-time, and onboarding her fledgling brand on Lazada was a “no-brainer” decision.

“We knew that it was a vital tool for us to grow our business, and this has been proven true,” Amante says. 

Clocheflame is proud to be rooted in the principles of sustainability and helping the economy grow by limiting its plastic waste without compromising the quality of the product. 

Being on Lazada helped them with product costing and eventually had a breakthrough in the e-commerce market. They saved the budget on rent and high commission fees that were reallocated to R&D, and they also enjoyed the platform’s massive reach.

“Lazada is very generous in extending help and offering extra mileages to small businesses like ours, especially when it comes to getting exposure,” Arianne shares. The brand is listed on LazMall, Lazada’s curated selection of leading international and local brands, establishing their credibility to consumers. 

“Being on the LazMall channel added credibility for us to be recognized as a legitimate brand and that’s something we’re truly thankful for,” she adds.

Popular Clocheflame products are the All-Around Flush, branded as “tan in a tube;” the TLC Spray, a restorative facial mist; and the Dream Filter, a weightless soft-focus pressed powder. 

Clocheflame also recently launched its newest offering, the Lip Muse, which combines the creamy glide of a balm, the nourishing benefits of lip oil, and the power of lipstick.

Amante’s vision for Clocheflame is to become a homegrown brand that Filipinos can truly be proud of. Her advice to those looking to follow in her footsteps? Remember that “failure is not fatal” and that “it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

You can purchase their products on LazMall.

Creating natural skincare solutions

Meanwhile, Apotheke Science was likewise developed from a simple intent to help others. 

It all started with the founder of the local skincare brand formulating a salve that would aid the skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy. The patients’ skin tends to suffer due to radiation exposure. The product was effective for them, as well as for those who suffered from the effects of eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. 

Initially, the Apotheke Science products were exclusively distributed in a hospital only. Eventually, even the nurses and doctors whose skin got damaged due to stress and lack of sleep found a solution to plump up their skin with Apotheke Science products.

Then unnamed, the salve is now known as the Apotheke Skin Doctor balm—now sought-after for its anti-aging effects. 

Since its success, the founders of this Filipino brand developed more products to help Filipinos in need of effective and affordable skincare solutions.

“We now have a wide range of products that deal with acne, uneven skin tone, premature aging from stress, lack of sleep and exposure to the sun, dryness, oiliness, clogged pores, and all the fundamental issues that damage one of our body’s largest organs and its first defense against external threats to the body,” says the Apotheke team.

The Apotheke team set up a shop on Lazada, saying its wide network and logistics capabilities further helped their business. They’ve also leveraged other Lazada features like the LazLive, Lazada University on eCommerce education, Lazada Bonus, and Free Shipping Max to boost sales, especially during major campaigns.

“Our products have helped so many people have better skin and regain their confidence,” shares the Apotheke team. “This has resulted in higher demand for our products, which in turn has allowed us to give more jobs to people and fund more projects that help various communities.”

Their goal is to help Filipinos feel more confident about themselves, as well as to build a good and honest brand through their best practices.

You can easily find their products here.

Featured Image Paulo Correa

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