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Things To Get For When You First Move Out

Moving out means shopping, TBH.

Imagine this: You’re moving out for the first time. You’re breaking free from the comfort and safety of the family nest, and are going to be independently living by yourself. To some, it may be an exciting time. To others, it can be terrifying.

To a select few, it means shopping! It could be exciting to get your very own place for the first time and fill it with your own things. It means opening Shopee and checking out those ~aesthetic items~ that you’ve had on hold to put in your very own apartment.

Here are a few things you can get for when you first move out.

Metal Shoe Rack

You may have a couple of footwear choices for several purposes. This metal shoe rack has four colors to choose from, and three of them are in pretty pastels.

It can accommodate up to eight pairs of shoes, so you can put your sandals and slippers on it, too. It’s quite sturdy for its size, so you can be sure that it won’t fall apart under the weight of your footwear.

Honeycomb Grid Divider

This grid divider has a honeycomb design and is perfect for organizing a lot of things. You might want to get a few for different purposes. You can use this to organize your underwear drawer or your sock drawer. You can also use this to organize your make-up since it’s the perfect size for small items.

This divider is also good for hobbyists. You can use it to organize pens, beads, and yarn rolls. It’s easy to assemble and you can even DIY it. It’s also easy to disassemble if you’re planning to move out.

Anti-slip Bathroom Mat

One of the first things you have to get for your very own bathroom is an anti-slip bathroom mat. This one is perfect, according to reviews by people who have already purchased it. There are 15 minimalist designs, so you can choose depending on your own personal preferences.

Multi-layer Kitchen Rack

This may be the most expensive item on this list, but it’s easily the best buy you might make. It’s almost as tall as a regular refrigerator and has 10 spacious layers to put your kitchen stuff in.

There is a dedicated space for a microwave, which is very helpful when you’re moving into a small kitchen. You can put your spices, condiments, and other miscellaneous items in it, too. There’s even space for your air fryer and electric kettle, so electronics won’t get wet on the kitchen counter.

Black-out curtains

If you’re sleeping during the day, these black-out curtains will be your best friend. They completely block light so you’ll be able to snooze straight until your next shift. These curtains come in nine colors and two sizes, so you’ll have a wide range to select from.

Moving out with Shopee budols

Congratulations on having your very own space for the first time! Shopee is your best buddy for getting stuff for your apartment, and we’re hoping this list helps. Happy Shopee-ing!

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